Friday, May 30, 2008

Sample Puzzle

Blank Anagram Clue: Conceal Bound

Concealed Word Clue: Ace

Identify the movie, brand & currency.


Total number of letters with us: AARE + CONCEAL BOUND

The movie clue is 8-letter word starting with A and ending with A.

The brand clue is a 4-letter word starting with A and ending with R.

The currency clue is a 5-letter word starting with R and ending with E.

The only 5-letter word currencies that start with R and end with E are Rupee & Ruble. If you look at the number of letters with us, obviously p is not there and y is not there, so it can only be RUBLE.

If you remove ruble, we now have 12 letters with us. That is

Focus on the brand now, it’s a 4-letter word starting with A and ending with R. We can safely drop A from this 12 letters as A has to be starting alphabet of the movie name. That leaves AECONCAOND. One of these A’s should be the starting alphabet of the brand name. That means remaining alphabets is ECONCAOND. If you look at the alphabet fit, AECR, AEER, AEOR, AENR, AEAR, AEDR, ACER, ACCR, ACOR, ACNR, ACAR, ACDR, AOER, AOCR, AONR, AOAR, AODR, ANER, ANCR, ANOR, ANAR, ANDR, ADER, ADCR, ADOR, ADAR are the possible combos. Clearly ACER is the best fit as ACE is the concealed word that has been mentioned as a clue.

When you knock off ACE from AAECONCAOND we get AONCAOND. When you shuffle this, you get ANACONDA.

So the answer can only be:

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