Friday, May 30, 2008

Puzzle # 6 - Solved

Blank Anagram Clue: Ambulant Calibrators.

Container Word Clue: Lob.

Identify the satellite, politician & mineral.


Bobfactory gets 3 fillers.


catcharun said...

>10. Part points will be awarded

Mineral : AMBER

bobfactory said...

if amber it is! why not alabaster?

if so satellite - titan

as caliban dont fit with the lob !

anantha said...

bobfactory gets a part-point.

catcharun said...

that is why one should not get up in the middle of the night to answer fillogical questions.. amber is not even a mineral is it? jurassica park confused me

bobfactory said...

Gotcha !

Alabaster !

anantha said...

may be, i shouldn't have given the part point. that bolstered bob's pursuit :-)

anantha said...

bob, hopefully now you know how the container clue helps.

bobfactory said...

yep anantha! got a bit way laid coz expected lob to be in one word as i bet u intended :-)