Friday, May 30, 2008

Puzzle # 5 - Solved

Blank Anagram Clue: Unionist Base Six.

Container Word Clue: In.

Identify the particle, band & bank.


Catcharun encashes Anantha's largesse.


catcharun said...

its after work and i am wide awake


its a sunshine day :)

bobfactory said...

hmm...nice game ! Whatz with the container clues tho - cant figure it out :p

anantha said...

the container word clue is one more hint thrown in for the player. it tells you the order of appearance of at least a few letters in the alphabet soup that you're handed out. for example, the word IN in Neutrino. It's meant as a crutch for those who are not good with anagrams.

anantha said...

also it will come in handy, when i raise the difficulty level.

catcharun said...

rightly noted, saar..thanks for lowering the bar