Monday, June 2, 2008

Puzzle # 11 - Solved

Blank Anagram Clue: Persuaded Unpatriotic.

Coined Word Clue: An.

Identify the gemstone, philosopher & unit.


Bob's back with a bang. Gets 3 fillers.


bobfactory said...


Does the 2 puzzle a day rule apply to all :-) And how does it work when old puzzles are solved next day ? Obviouzly hv vested interest ! :-)

anantha said...


bobfactory said...

This isnt solved ?

Priya said...

So the last letter and first letter of consecutive words don't have to be the same?

bobfactory said...

Hi Priya. They have to be the same. In this case it is

EpidotEpicuruSteradian .. i think i capped the wrong letterz!

anantha said...

solved. i thought i implied that.

Priya said...

I just realized that myself when I tried to look up Picurus and Teradian on Wikipedia. :D